When I was little I had a love / hate relationship with photography. My dad had an SLR camera and took so many pictures of my siblings, cousins and me that we used to run away before any adult could say, "Picture time!"

On the other hand, I was fascinated by my dad's makeshift darkroom which he had set up in the family room with black sheeting draping down from the ceiling. I imagined magic took place in its dark folds...

Years later I had my own SLR camera. I also had a varied background which included formal education in writing and graphic design and years of experience as a professional graphic designer and an avid outdoors enthusiast. This background helped me appreciate the story, artistry and practicality of photography as well as the joy of combining my interests.

As a result, my work has been used in a variety of ways in stock, fine art, journalistic, commercial and personal use. I've been published in USA Today, The Huffington Post, The VC Reporter, and Black and White Photography Magazine. My portrait work and fine art prints also grace the walls of family homes across the US.

Today I live in Ventura, California and am an active rock climber with over 20 years of experience who enjoys traditional, sport and alpine climbing. I've also been found hiking, biking, running and enjoying watersports... with a camera close at hand.

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